Do you have a Perfect Smile?? Check it Out

Smiles constitutes an important aspect of human personality. Just a smile can help u earn the best of your first impression…thus need to give special focus on enhancing one’s smiles.
The perfect smile is a combination of the color, size and width of each tooth; n proportion of gums, teeth and lips, curve and the overall width of the mouth.

Undermentioned points will help you in determine about your perfect smile.

1. Teeth Size

The size of the teeth defines the beauty of your smile. If teeth are too long they will give a horsey look to the smile and if are too small, it make your smile look older.
The length of the teeth should be enough, so while producing the Sound of “V” or “F” it should not hit too much to the lower lips, to affect the pronunciation of words containing these alphabet. It should touch the lower lips gently
The width of the teeth should be in proportion of the its length. Ideally the width should be 80% of the length of the teeth.
Secondly, the size of teeth should be in diminishing order from the central teeth and should be symmetrical on both the sides. The mid-line of the upper front teeth ideally is in the center of the face. The lateral need to be 61.8% to the front teeth. Similarly, this ratio should be continue, all laterals needs to be 61.8% to their front teeth.

The upper teeth should be more dominant while you smile, so only little of lower row teeth should be visible.
The perfect smile do carry on with embrasure spaces. These are the spaces between the tips of teeth, which gradually increase from two front teeth to backward teeth.

2. Teeth Color
It is not necessary the teeth should always be extremely dazzling white, rather it should go along with the whites of one’s eyes. This shade gives the perfect teeth color to your beautiful smile.

3. Smile Line
Smile line is the line which forms along with the edges of the top row teeth. It needs to follow the curve of bottom lip. The flat line indicates worn and tear teeth and spoil the face look while smiling. The curve of smile gives you the younger look. Usually, Women tends to have more curvy smile than to men.
The width of the smile sould be half of total width of face as well upper and lower lips needs to be symmetrical from the midline of the face.

4. Gum Line
While you smile little part of your gums do get visible. These visible gums need to follow the line of top lip. Ideally, only the gums between your teeth should be visible. Many smile do display a wider part of gums which produce unaesthetic look.

No matter what type of smile you wear on, but healthy teeth are always important. You should brush, floss, and get regular cleanings. If you have gaps between your teeth or your teeth are crooked, need to visit the dentist to get it solve because it may create further dental issues
Always remember the confidence make your smile beautiful. If u are not confident with your smile visit the Cosmetic Dentist to get the best solution.


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