Know about your Wisdom Teeth

An adult is considered to have 32 set of teeth (including 4 Wisdom Teeth). The wisdom teeth are the last teeth to come in man, they are known as 3rd set of molars which come around the age of 20. Since they comes after getting into Maturity phase they are being named as Wisdom Teeth.
These wisdom teeth erupt absolute at the end point of each side of mouth. Though they are similar to other teeth in our mouth but do appear slightly bigger. These wisdom teeth are of no much use to humans similar like appendix, so many times they are being removed safely from our mouth structure.

Wisdom tooth has always been a reason for dental pain in youngsters. when this wisdom tooth does not erupt fully due to blockage of other teeth are termed as Impacted Wisdom Tooth, which are usually be extracted.
Udermentioned are reasons why the eruption of Wisdom Teeth cause dental pain.

– When they do not get enough space in mouth they push the teeth comes on their way or say as, become impacted against teeth on their way (in medical term.)
– When they erupt in different angles insted of 90 degree, they inclined over other adjacent teeth causing dental pain.
– Many times while eruption the cyst develops around gums, causing damage to Jaw bone and lead to severe pain and reinforce more dental work for the same.
– When gums around wisdom tooth are loose in compare to other surrounding teeth gums, they inhibit bacteria and germs which leads to infected swollen gums. These swollen gums become reason for different dental disease and toothache.

If your wisdom teeth has started causing unbearable pain for sure has started undergoing with any of these above mentioned problems. One should rush to near by Dental Clinic to get proper dental check up. Only through X-ray the dentist can diagnose the details related to eruption of wisdom tooth. Only your dentist can recommend u whether the Wisdom tooth removal is required or not. Many of these problems can be treated with treatment such as antibiotics and antiseptic mouthwash, so removing your wisdom teeth is only recommended when other treatment hasn’t worked

The unbearable pain should not be overlooked because may result to serious issues. In many cases in spite of 4 Wisdom teeth, rather 8 teeth have been removed since they infected surrounding teeth badly, leaving only the extraction option.


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