Sensitive Teeth- Causes and Treatment

Teeth sensitivity is a sharp pain which triggers out suddenly in response to external stimuli, example getting in contact with hot or cold drinks, food, or with applications passing coolant air, even while brushing or flossing the teeth. 75% of individuals experience this pain wile getting in contact with cold foods or drinks.

Upper part of the teeth, the crown, on upper line of gum is protected by the layer Enamel. Whereas, the underneath of Gum, the tooth root is protected by the layer Cementum. Under both these layer, one more layer is there known as ‘Dentin’, having small hollow tubes known as Microscopic Tubules. When both these layer Enamel and Cementum looses its effectiveness, or to say the protectiveness of these layers degrades, the layer Dentin get in contact with cold, hot, sticky and acidic food and then through small hollow porous tube of Dentin, these food passes on the nerves and cells inside the tooth, which triggers the pain or get responsible for teeth sensitivity.

The possible causes for degradation of these layers are

-Receding Gums
-Fractured or chipped teeth.
-Worn Tooth Enamel
-Worn out Dental fillings
-Aging process

But fortunately, the sensitiveness does not cause permanent damage to the pulp and can be cured. The treatment will depend on the cause of the sensitivity. The available treatments are as follow

– Desensitizing Toothpaste. The dentist may prescribe you toothpaste having compounds to crate layer to block transmission of sensation to the nerve, but have to apply several applications of these Desensitizing toothpastes to reduce Sensitivity.

–  Fluoride gel. This is an in-office technique by Dentist to applied on affected area of teeth to strengthens tooth enamel as to reduces the transmission of sensations.

–  A Crown, Inlay/Onlays or Bonding, these may be used to correct a flaw or decay of tooth to stop sensitivity.

– Surgical Gum Graft, if gum tissue has been lost from the root, this will protect the root and reduce sensitivity.

Root Canal, if sensitivity is severe and persistent and cannot be treated by other means, the dentist may recommend this treatment to eliminate the problem.

For preventing Teeth Sensitivity, one need to follow proper Oral Hygiene which will stop Gum Receding and will maintain the protective Layers. One should brush the teeth properly, it should not be over brushed because this also makes the Gums Weak. Give a visit to a nearest Dental Clinic to diagnose the possible cause of Tooth Sensitivity and get tips for daily Oral Hygiene routine.


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