Tips to maintain White teeth for Christmas

Christmas is approaching, the season  when we finally spend precious time visiting family and friends, which compel us to look to look our best. The beautiful Smile tops the priority list, because it is the first thing to be noticed.  More importantly, psychologists tell us that whiter teeth broadcast youthful, vibrant, and  healthy look — the something we definitely want to announce to others.

So, check out the available methods for Teeth Bleaching/ Whitening

There are two levels of gel bleaching, high concentration and low concentration gels.

A- Low Concentration Whitening – They are  available over medical and cosmetic counters but give temporary whitening effect because of low concentration formulas. 

  1. Teeth Bleaching strips,
  2. Teeth Bleaching pens,
  3. Teeth Whitening toothpastes.

It does not make teeth much whitener but just reduces stains.

B- High Concentration Whitening – They are provided only at Dental Offices by dental experts and carry the whitener effect for longer period 

  1. Home whitening and
  2. Office Power Bleaching.

Both these methods utilize high concentration whitening, in which 35-38% hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide (both are oxidizing agents) are used to lighten the shade of teeth.

In contrast, low concentration whitening typically contains less than 10% hydrogen peroxide. The mechanism in which bleaching induces a change in the shade of teeth is through these oxidizing agents. They penetrate the porosities in the crystal structure of enamel and oxidize stain deposits. Over time stain deposits in the dentin layer, which lies underneath enamel, are also oxidized.

At home whitening requires two appointments, both of which are short.

During the first appointment, impressions of the patient’s upper and lower teeth are taken after which the patient is free to go. The impressions are used to fabricate custom bleaching trays specific to the patient’s mouth.

At the second appointment, the custom trays, bleaching gel, and specific instructions of proper and safe use are provided. Our office recommends that a patient use at home whitening for 4-6 weeks for maximum effect.

Office Power Bleaching takes one hour and only one appointment. No custom trays or impressions are necessary for this method of whitening. Power bleaching utilizes light energy to accelerate the process of bleaching.

Dentist-approved tips to keep your teeth glowing at Christmas despite the abundance of rich foods and sweet treats are-

1- Eat sweets with large, well-balanced meals. The body produces more saliva to digest large meals than it does for a snack. The more saliva, the easier it is to wash away food and neutralize harmful acids that will attack your teeth.

2- .Avoid chewy treats. Sticky foods that take awhile to chew often damage teeth because the acids are stuck against teeth longer than with other foods. In addition to gummy fruit snacks, that includes dried fruit like raisins.

3- Rinse with water after eating acidic foods and drinks. If you indulge in some wine or citrus fruit, rinse your mouth out with water before brushing your teeth to prevent enamel erosion.

Keep in mind that not every patient is a suitable candidate for teeth bleaching. In addition, even if a patient is considered a candidate for bleaching they may not be suitable for in Office Power Bleaching.

Though a patient definitely has a right to choose which method they prefer, the dentist can most accurately predict which method would be most effective and comfortable for each patient. Please note that at Home and Power Bleaching can lead to temporary sensitivity. It is quite common and in such cases it’s recommended that the patient contact our Dental Clinic for further instructions.


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